Turkeys have landed again! October 24, 2005

Dear friends,

Thanks to everyone. We certainly enjoyed our *last* whirlwind trip around the States before leaving the country..

Ven. Dhammananda (right) and his brother Ven. Konan Bodhi on their last visit to Flint Maureen came to fetch the dining set. Josh, Hue, and Lan helped Trixie (Tracy went to work; Lili went to school.) in Circleville, Ohio.
Ceremony at a hall near the Khmer Buddhist Temple in Cleveland George (Ken's 2nd brother ) and Jonnie at a Japanese restaurant in Cleveland Ed (Ken's eldest brother) and Lore
Mark (George's son) and Pat Aung Thu, Carol, and their sons Yazar and Wayan at Woodlands in Silver Spring, MD Ven. Pyinnyathami in Gaithersburg, MD
Ven. Kim Cang in his Buddhist Cemetery Mechanicsville, VA Ken and Visakha in the cemetery Shawna in her kitchen in Chicago
Ven. Dhammasiri at Washington Buddhist Vihara Dorothy and granddaughter Dorothy III in South Bend, IN Robin (Dorothy II) and son Christopher on her birthday

Getting here to Bangkok was amazingly easy -- got into Don Muang at midnight and to the Burapa in record time. Today we'll go to the travel agent and see what's available for Colombo. Then to Julies for clothes (we're bringing her lots of orders from the States, what fun!) Tomorrow packing, the post office, Chinese vegetarian dinner with Assajita, and evening chanting at Wat Sraket.

Please write, and we'll reply personally. Of course, we'll be writing.

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